Sunday, September 24, 2006

Drama, drama, drama

Hi, I'm Ella. I live in Los Angeles, California, currently studying at college. A lot of drama happens here - so much that I decided to start this blog. The names of everyone mentioned in my blog have been changed to protect their identity.

Be warned - there is so much drama!

All About Me
So as I said above, I'm Ella. Last year I graduated from High School in Beverly Hills and am now studying Fashion Design. I am 19 years old, a Gemini. My friends and I go to a lot of parties, go shopping, to the beach, and just have a whole lot of fun. My friends are crazy!

Amanda - Wild Girl
Amanda is my best friend. We went to High School together. She has always been the wild one. She likes to go out most nights and get drunk. She has even done a few drugs. If there is ever a time when she doesn't want to go to a party, then there is something very, very wrong.

Nicole - Boy Lover
Nicole has had many boyfriends. She can't stick to one guy for a long time. Even when she is with a guy she'll be flirting with other boys. While Amanda is hardly ever at home, Nicole is hardly ever single.

Madison - Drama Queen
To Madison, the world revolves around her. She always has to be the centre of attention and she'll do anything to make that happen. She is a true diva, but we love her for it!

So they are my friends, my group. We all go to the same college and are in the same course. Together we rule, we have fun and we are involved in a lot of drama.

Keep reading my blog to hear all about the drama! You know you want to.

Lots of love,
Ella xoxo


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